Just 45 Minutes From Broadway

...While the cast proves consistently captivating, from the wounded baby of the family, Pandora (a stunning Tanna Frederick) to the lovable yet washed up Uncle...

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The Louie B. Free Show

February 19, 2010

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Tanna and “Save Our Surf“

After the rain filled storm a few weeks ago, the L.A. Times warned surfers not to get into the ocean, because of trash and contaminants that were washed from the beaches into the Pacific. In the Marina del Rey Harbor one can often see empty bottles, food containers, sanitary napkins and paths of oily liquid floating on the surface of the water. It’s a shameful sight, as well as it is life threatening for the animals that are in the ocean or on the water of the bay: the dolphins, the pelicans, and the ducks.

In addition this adds another risk to the health and lives of surfers, who have already chosen a dangerous sport. Hence, it is only natural that surfers who love and spend a lot of time in the ocean - would want to protect it. This is exactly what the Canadian born actress and surfer Tanna Frederick - who currently plays the lead in Henry Jaglom’s play “Just 45 Minutes from Broadway” - has been fighting for ever since she founded “Project Save Our Surf.”

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PLAYLISTED: Tanna Frederick


Irene In Time’s Tanna Frederick shares her playlist with in this exclusive feature.

A Taste:
Soul Coughing, White Zombie, Dean Martin

“I want to warn you about my playlist first,” laughs Irene In Time star Tanna Frederick. “I’m like ‘Miss-obscure-song-mixer.’ I’m a runner and a surfer, so I love putting two hours worth of songs on a playlist then going on a super-long run. I love giving those mixes to my friends too. I have these really great playlists that reflect my tastes. Some people do yoga to relax, but I make iMixes [Laughs]. ”

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Hollywood’s Three Sexiest Actresses - COBRA X NEWS

Tanna Frederick

Tanna Frederick, who stars in several Henry Jaglom films such as “Irene In Time,” “Hollywood Dreams” and this year’s “Queen of the Lot,” is sexy because of her kind spirit, her beautiful smile and most impressively her buff body which has many in Hollywood wondering how she can do it all so well? Kickboxing and surfing is what Frederick does to keep herself in tip-top shape. Both she makes an effort to do on a daily basis. Tae Kwon Do is her favorite activity. The Rita Hayworth lanky beauty is spectacular both on and off the screen.

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Tanna Frederick: “Performer to Watch” at Method Fest

I had the opportunity to interview Tanna Frederick last year, and she’s so vibrant and full of life, it just made me want to do everything better!

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The Daily Californian: Tanna Frederick Discusses Acting and Singing in Her Latest Film ‘Irene in Time’

Tanna Frederick, an independent film actress, starred as the titular character in Henry Jaglom’s latest film, “Irene in Time.” Jaglom, interestingly enough, first introduced her to the acting scene when he suggested that she act out one of his plays. Since then, Frederick has performed in various productions. Here, the Daily Californian talks to her about her role in “Irene in Time.”

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Los Angeles Independent - Q & A with Tanna

Film and stage actress Tanna Frederick says she had a fulfilling 2009.To help flex her muscles as an actress, the 30-year old Iowa native does her best to maintain a work schedule that alternates between film and stage.Now, Frederick is kicking off the new year the same way she ended the previous one - starring in Henry Jaglom’s latest theatrical production.

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This Week in Hollywoodland

This week we had the announcement from the HFPA naming Golden Globe nominations. I’m going to accelerate a bit and give my choices for the Oscar. With ten nominations for Best Picture this year, as we had in the old days, I believe these should definitely be included. “Irene In Time,” “Invictus,” “New Moon,” “Precious” and “Avatar.” Lead Actress hands down these ladies shined through incredibly. Hilary Swank, Mo’Nique, Emily Blunt, Sandra Bullock and Tanna Frederick. Lead Actor, Jeff Bridges, George Clooney and Tobey Maguire. Supporting Actress nominees should include Karen Black, Penelope Cruz, Anna Kendrick and Julianne Moore. With Supporting Actors, there are too many to mention. However, just give the award to Matt Damon, who transformed himself into Hollywood’s best supporting actor this year in “Invictus.”

The Best Movie of 2009... IRENE IN TIME

IRENE IN TIME, Written and Directed by Henry Jaglom is a vest pocket masterpiece... Tanna Frederick is wonderful, in her portrayal of total, complete, almost catholic vulnerability;

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Two Famous Friends In Hollywood, An Interview

How come the public can’t believe that two beautiful and talented women can be best friends? Oprah often says that the tabloids say things about her and her best friend, publishing executive Gayle King, because the public is never taught that women can be real friends and that they are naturally catty, which is not true at all. That false belief is an understatement in Hollywood. Even though we have had some of the most famous ladies as friends in this town, people still don’t believe that Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are actually best friends. Long before those two famous friends were born, we had studio buddies like WB’s Olivia deHavilland and Bette Davis, MGM’s Norma Shearer and Janet Leigh and today we have actress Tanna Frederick and artist Felicity Nove as our example of true feminine friendship in Tinseltown. The two beauties not only encourage each other professionally but compliment each other as friends.

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True Blood: Leaders in the Arts, Talent and Beauty

Frederick’s recent work “Irene In Time” is absolutely astonishing and she is receiving much buzz and acclaim about an Oscar nomination in her short-term future.

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House of Dog talks to Tanna

Rising star Tanna Fredrick sat down with HOD recently to talk about her love of animals, her beloved Garbo and her latest projects.

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Frederick and Co. get their Jaglom on - L.A. Examiner

The story of how an actress journeyed from Mason City Iowa to 45 minutes from Broadway is a tale of persistence, ingenuity and a certain amount of good old fashioned moxie from a young actress who candidly admits ”there’s no syllabus for this town. There’s no right way to get a break.“

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Born in a Trunk - Santa Barbara Chronicle

Pandora, the youngest, and a scene stealer from an early age, loves her life in the theater even though at the moment her love life has crashed and burned, and she has moved back in with her parents. An actor’s dream part, Tanna Frederick takes this volatile role from staggering highs to heart wrenching lows, always with a little hint that maybe Pandora just might be “over acting.”

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This Week In Hollywoodland - Oscar buzz for Tanna

Tanna Frederick is getting Oscar buzz for her amazing transformation in “Irene in Time,” while still blowing critics away in Henry Jaglom’s play, “Just 45 Minutes From Broadway,” which is still playing at the Edgemar Theater in Santa Monica. There were other surprises this week in Tinseltown.

Tanna Frederick’s amazing performance in “Irene in Time” is all the rage now that many Academy voters are getting an opportunity to see screenings of the film. With Frederick, Hilary Swank and the actress Mo’Nique all being talked about for their roles in “Irene in Time,” “Amelia” and “Precious” critics are impressed by these three ladies. My money is on Tanna, who transformed herself from the first film I fell in love with her in, “Hollywood Dreams” to an all new heroine, emotional and poignant in “Irene in Time.”

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Just 45 Minutes from Broadway -

Start with quite possibly the most gorgeous set ever designed for a 99-seat theater production, add to that an intelligent, witty script which reads like a 21st Century version of Kaufman and Ferber’s The Royal Family, cast it with some of L.A.’s finest stage and screen talent, and the result is Henry Jaglom’s Just 45 Minutes From Broadway, one of the best new plays I’ve reviewed on StageSceneLA.

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15 Minutes Magazine - You’ll Wanna Watch Tanna

TANNA FREDERICK’S story is right out of an old Hollywood fairy tale. A young actress from Iowa hoping for a break writes a letter to a famous director, which earns her an audition that leads to the part of a lifetime and rave reviews.

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LA Weekly - Stage Raw: Just 45 Minutes from Broadway

Suffused with a near-Chekhovian mix of the wistful and the melancholy, playwright Henry Jaglom's world premiere comedy is a delight...

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Global Film Village - 45 Minutes from Broadway

by Marla Lewin

Henry Jaglom known for his numerous independent films has written a new play, 45 MINUTES FROM BROADWAY premiered on October 17 at the Edgemar theatre. Director Gary Imhoff says it is Henry's best writing yet, and we have to agree...

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Irene in Time

By Armond White
September 23, 2009

If Henry Jaglom was a trust-funded neophyte, he'd be acclaimed the King of Mumblecore - a genre that, it turns out, he pioneered several decades ago. Jaglom's latest film (his 17th) is titled Irene In Time, the christened name of a sloop won in a poker game. It's also the name of a curly-haired young woman (Tanna Frederick) whose now-deceased poker-playing father cast such an intimidating, loving, protective shadow over her childhood that she has trouble finding an adult male partner who can match his ideal...

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Irene in Time - The Film Chair

Tanna Frederick...the allure of Frederick, a talented, emotionally limitless actress perfect in it.

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