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Jaglom and The New Paradigm for Indie Film Makers.
by Gerald Maxey

Henry Jaglom, has been in the forefront of indie film making since editing the seminal indie film, EASY RIDER for Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda.

He brings his new film, HOLLYWOOD DREAMS to the AFI Film Festival on Saturday, November 11, and Sunday, November 12.

HOLLYWOOD DREAMS takes the traditional story of a Midwestern girl arriving in Hollywood with stardust in her eyes; fresh off the bus from Iowa, she falls in love with a promising young actor, a relationship that complicates her ambition to be a great actress. Jaglom infuses the tale with his knowing sense of the Los Angeles milieu, his insight into the realities of the film business and his proven intuits about the struggles of modern women.

Jaglom has pioneered successful business models for indie film makers; he conceives, writes, develops, produces, directs and edits films almost every year. He cut free from studio financing, and innovated the use of European financing. Under his independent paradigm, on a case by case basis, he decides whether his latest film will be released by a Distribution Company or self distributed and self marketed.

With his longevity and statute in independent film making, a release of a Jaglom film is always a major event. What is extraordinary about HOLLYWOOD DREAMS, is that Jaglom has scooped up some of the best ideas of the past, and reinvented them as a viable business and artistic risk.

Reverting to the era of David O. Selznick, Jaglom placed his star, TANNA FREDERICK under a multi film contract. The epitome of guerrilla film making has given Hollywood its last contract player. This resurrected concept, now an innovation, has liberated Mr. Jaglom's creative skills. Working with the surety he has a collaborative partner in his vision, and knowing Ms. Frederick can meet his standard, he is about to create a whole series of challenging female roles. He is also contemplating adding more talent to his contract system.

Jaglom anchors his films in the performances of his actors, much like the films of his friend and fellow icon John Cassavetes, Jaglom's films are performance driven," actors films." As with any business, Quality Control is the key ingredient. With his budding contract player system, Jaglom believes the performances will be consistently, "magic".

Ms. Frederick hails from Iowa, and was juggling three waitress jobs, when Mr. Jaglom discovered her. She has recently founded the Iowa Film Festival where HOLLYWOOD DREAMS will be the debut screening. Mr. Jaglom and Ms. Frederick have already completed another film since HOLLYWOOD DREAMS and are working on a third collaboration.

Mr. Jaglom was a great and caring friend to the iconic film legend, Orson Welles (CITIZEN KANE). and regrets that Mr. Welles is not alive today to fulfill and maximize his career in the new environment of independent film making and technical accessibility.

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